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Chief executive director`s speech

A word from the chief executive officer:

We do not build housing communities …. We build future"

We believe that our mission is not confined on building housing units, but to build communities, so we have set our goals and priorities beyond the main objective of meeting the demands of the low-income households to obtain appropriate housing units with affordable prices; So We decided to build a fully service urban residential community. To retain slums building. Thus we have maintained project contributing to development and offer thousands of job opportunities.

Since the launch of the "Social Housing Program", in 2014 until June 30, 2018, the most drawing attention point is that the social housing and mortgage finance fund " in it`s new form could help in:

Providing and managing investments amounted for (105 billion pounds), subsidizing housing units to construct 592,000 housing units.
Providing mortgage finance with subsidized interest rate exceeding LE14,3 billion in the same period with an average mortgage LE92,000 for every beneficiary from the project.
Providing subsidy of LE2.6 billion to beneficiaries which is not repaid and deducted from the total value of the unit with an average subsidy ofLE17,000 for every beneficiary.
The most important characteristics of the program:

Sustainability of the finance.
The Continuous development of various tools and facilities offered.
Responsive to the beneficiaries' demands.
The program was able to maintain its role despite the increases in the construction cost of housing units especially during 2016-2017, as a result of the devaluation process for the Egyptian pound versus foreign currencies and increase in fuel prices.

Over the past four years, it has been able to increase the number of units produced annually from 90,000 to 200,000 unit per year and increase sizes of housing units from 63 to 90 m2, and upgrade the level of units finishing and services, which is reflected in the activation of various economic sectors, especially the construction sector, where almost 1.5million direct and indirect  job opportunity were offered, besides expanding the participation of banking sector in financing social justice programs, the social housing program succeeded in serving the National Plan of financial inclusion through using digital payment mechanisms as well as the obligation of beneficiaries to deal with the banking authorities, 75% out of the total number of beneficiaries  were for the first time dealing financially with banks and opened a new bank accounts.

Since we offer our services to thousands of beneficiaries, there has been great interest in increasing the means of communication, and services, to these huge number of applicants, 13 customer services center had been established, in addition to hotline service through the "Call Center" which is staffed by 90 employees, receiving 10 Thousand call daily from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm except Friday and occasional vacations With a response rate at least 90% of the calls (hotline numbers:1188,5777,5999).

Not only hotline services but also SMS service was activated, 2.3 million SMS were sent to applicants during the period from July 2016 to June 2018. In addition, SHMFF allowed applicants to inquire their application status through the official website. Applicants' website visits exceeded 7.557 million and registered applicants on portal reach more than 800,000applicant.

We promise to always provide the best, and respond to your demands, to achieve our goals, with in civilized modernized residential communities with integrated services dominated by social justice spirit.


May Abd El Hamid

chief executive officer


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